School Sponsorship

The children of mothers who have a primary education are 50% more likely to reach the age of five.

Many Mayan children do not attend school due to financial reasons. Those who do attend rarely remain past the sixth grade. Often the family can only afford to have one child go to school. Invariably a boy is chosen for this honour. An education supplies these children, and the community in general, with a much more secure future.


Over 30 students have been sponsored through Mayan Families Canada. We don't take on new students because it is important for us to establish a relationship with each student and their family. Since we only visit once a year, these visits take up much of our time when we are down there. We sit with each family and really learn how the past year has been going and what they may be struggling with at this time. We then bring this information back to Canada and work to help each family with their specific needs.

Children who are sponsored receive all the basic necessities for school life


Uniform, sweater, shoes, runners, gym clothes, socks, underwear

School supplies and back pack

Incidentals throughout the year

Kindergarten to grade 12 - $486/year

University - $1,688/year

Family Sponsorship

Most of our students have sponsors to go to school; however, Marco and Gloria Esmeralda, 2 of our university students only have partial sponsors. As well, all of our families are struggling to provide enough food, clothing and proper housing so the child is able to go to school. Many parents remove their child from school in order for them to get a job and help support the family. From Mayan Families Canada's perspective this is just as important a responsibility as helping them with school costs.


Studies have indicated that education is the single most effective way to reduce poverty.