Is There Nintendo Switch Lite Fortnite Edition

2020-08-21 10:00 Sophie Young


If you’re an owner of Nintendo Switch Lite and you’re wondering if you can play Fortnite on your console, you’re on the right page. This question isn’t common for new Nintendo users, but people who faced compatibility problems with Nintendo DS versions can be really concerned about it. In this short article, we will tell you about all the differences between Fortnite for the original Switch and the Lite version.

Does Fortnite for Nintendo Switch Lite Exist?

Fortunately, Fortnite Nintendo Switch Lite version is available for all users as the sibling platform features very similar programming and hardware. But does it mean that any original Switch game is available on the Lite? There are several differences between the consoles that notably affect the gameplay. The Switch supports both handheld and standard console gameplay; the Lite is designed for on-the-go play only. It means that you cannot play the Lite Fortnite version on a larger screen. The console doesn’t have a hardware connector or a wireless alternative, so you should consider this if you want to play it not only on the go.

There’s also no option to use a kickstand for tabletop play as the device is made to be more affordable. Besides, the motion controls are disabled. However, they’re not necessary for Fortnite on both devices, so it’s more of a problem when you try to play other titles.

For the same reason, the Lite version requires less storage to be installed. It simply doesn’t include the larger versions of textures. The console 5.5-inch display is also smaller than the Switch’s 6.2” screen. At the same time, all the cosmetics, events, gameplay features, and updates will still be available without changes.

Is Lite Worth It?

Although Nintendo Switch Lite isn’t as versatile as the original Switch, it lets you play the full version of Fortnite without problems. If you’re not satisfied with the screen size and capabilities, we recommend you save up a bit and get the original version of the console. Fortnite game Nintendo Switch version lets you experience Battle Royale at its best, so don’t worry about handheld limitations.

Do you already have the console? If not, tell us which one you’ve decided to buy for your Fortnite matches. We wish you big Victory Royales! For more news about this game and other Switch titles, stay tuned. We have many exciting articles on the schedule already.

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