Top 5 Gaming Desktops 2020

2020-09-03 11:00 Sophie Young


Are you looking for a new gaming desktop to play your favorite titles in 2020? We understand how difficult it is to choose a worthy one as the market is overflowing with models that are either focused on niche purposes (like gaming) or can easily interchange each other. If you are sure that you need a gaming PC, look at the models we’ve tested so far.

Desktop Gaming Requirements

Before making a purchase, you should consider hardware configurations to achieve the best performance in your favorite games. Here are the essential considerations;

  • Discrete GPU – don’t think that you can play well with integrated GPU’s. They’re not designed for gaming. Look for discrete models, such as AMD Radeon and Nvidia GeForce. Dual GPUs are still not worth your money in most cases. 
  • CPU – you need the latest generation as they always offer improved performance and better heat dissipation. It’s better to get a lower class (i5 instead of i7) than an older generation. It’s much more important not to drop below 4 cores.
  • RAM – check out the system requirements of the games you’re going to play and take a bit more RAM than they require.

HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop – Top Inexpensive

This budget gaming PC lets you enjoy a variety of games in 1080p on pretty high graphics settings. It’s equipped with GeForce 1660 Ti, Intel Core i5-9400F (not the latest, but good), 16GB RAM, and a fast 512GB SSD paired with a 1TB hard drive. It’s actually a setup of a medium gaming laptop, but with a much more convenient configuration of the ports.

Corsair One Pro i164 – Small Unit for Games & Stuff

The i164 PC is a gaming analog of the i200 model. It has an Intel K series CPU instead of X series and lets you save from $1000 because of this difference. NVIDIA® GeFORCE RTX™ 2080, along with proprietary Corsair DDR4 RAM (up to 32GB), lets you play a variety of demanding games in 1080p, 2K, and 4K. You can also enjoy VR titles without hassle due to a VR-ready front panel.

Falcon Northwest Talon – Best for Customization

This 38-lite midtower case offers several configurations from $2,500 to $5000, and each of them offers fast and stable performance due to excellent cooling and plenty of space. You can use this midtower case for implementing an unlimited variety of configurations, so it can be considered as an investment in the future.

Origin PC Big O – Multiplatformer Heaven

Using this PC, you can combine a powerful PC with your PS4 or Xbox One by installing a console into the socket on the side. You can order it with an optional Elgato 4K60 Pro inside to capture video directly from the console and save footages on your PC drive. It also lets you play without switching between inputs. The only drawback of the model is the incompatibility with the upcoming PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles.

HP Envy 32 All-in-One – Best Gaming All-in-One

All-in-one PCs rarely can tackle gaming tasks, but this one has HP RTX 2060 (top config) or GeForce® GTX 1650 (the cheapest config) and a 32” 4K HDR display that makes virtually everything look a lot better. It’s not cheap and is the least powerful on the listing, but lets you combine work and play with joy.

Choose Your Fighter

These are the best desktops for gaming that we’ve selected from dozens of options offered by popular manufacturers. Which of them seems the best for your needs and budget? Join the chat below and share the piece with other gamers!

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